At the Gite, we suggest  several typical menus, prepared mostly from local products, choosing 15 days before you come.


Fruit juice, hot or cold drink (chocolate, tea or coffee), bread, butter, jam, cereal


All the ingredients of the breakfast plus cheese plate, delicatessen meats, salads of potato in lardons, and salad of pasta or rice, hard boiled eggs and fruits.


Punch or sangria, soft drinks, fruit juices / peanuts, pretzels, olives

Punch or sangria, soft drinks, fruit juice / appetizers, house (pizzas and anchovy pies) peanuts, pretzels, olives


Seasonal soup

Minced meat pie with cheese / green salad

Mixed salad

Green salad with homemade croutons

Assortment of delicatessen meats



Provencal meat stew / penne pasta

Lasagne with Bolognese sauce

Basquaise chicken / rice with Turmeric

Chili con carne with rice

Penne pasta with Bolognese sauce

Seasonal fish / riz



Cheese-board or dessert

Cheese-board of goat, ewe, and cow milk

Basque cake, vanilla ice cream

Apple pie, vanilla ice cream

Mixed fruit salad


Birthday cake in supplement

Chocolate cake / vanilla ice cream / whipped cream