The Lakes

Terre des Lacs The Lakes Regulations



Fishermen friends , for the respect for each-other and for that of the nature which surrounds us, thank you for following the recommendations and respecting the detailed bans below. Good day!


• The discount for the water of fished fishes is forbidden except within the framework of the fixed price No-Kill planned for that purpose.

• The fishing in the deep, in the worm or in the dough (except bio) is not authorized.

• The spinning is forbidden.

• It is forbidden to begin baiting.

• The thread on reel has to be of 22/100th minimum.

• The fish must have come out of the water by means of a fishing net. We recommend that you kill it immediately and to keep it in the shade, in a bucket filled with water from the lake.


NB : The fixed price No-Kill is applied as soon as the fly-fisher releases all or part of some taken out fish. If a part of the trout is kept, they will be settled in addition to the fixed price No-Kill.
Thank you for using flies without tongue, point of 16 minimum.


• Thank you for not picnicing around lakes, but next to the terrace of the restaurant, on tables planned for that purpose.

• Dogs must be kept on a leash. Their possible excrement must be collected.

• It is authorized to smoke around the lake, subject to not throwing butts. Ashtrays are at your disposal on simple request.

• Thank you for thinking of collecting your possible trash before your departure.


• It is forbidden to bathe.

• Children are under the responsibility of the adults accompanying them.

• Children of less than 10 years old are authorized to go fishing only under the supervision of an adult.

• Attention of fishhooks, they can hurt your children.

Thank you for being willing to present to the fishing hut your bags and iceboxes opened before leaving.