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The team of the Gite Tonic before anything is a history of family... In the 70s, François Chollet (father) created with his wife Brigitte Morel, a horseriding school in Maine-et-Loire. At the beginning of the 80s, this activity was transferred from its current place to Saint-Auban. At the beginning of 1991, François Chollet (son) developed new still unexploited products in the region of Esteron, such as climbing and canyoning. In 2000, the equestrian gite becomes a real center multi-activities and takes the name of Gite Tonic. In 2012, Gite Tonic joins with The Fishing Lakes of Saint-Auban, and becomes Terre des Lacs, an eco-tourist park that was developed in partnership with the municipality of Saint-Auban. The objective: a long-lasting(sustainable) tourism, with an accommodation(hosting) managing at best the energies, respecting the Key label Green, and activities of open air.


Born on March 21st, 1971 in Angers, François discovers the mountains at the age of 11 and passes its first specific diplomas at 17 years of age (organizer BAFA's patent(organizer BAFA's certificate,presenter BAFA's patent), federal initiator of climbing and federal equiper may GAPED 1st degree option climbing / canyon in 1990. He becomes then high mountain guide in 2006 and mountain guide in 2009. Sapper fire brigades volunteer in the Alpes-Maritimes for 10 years and leader(head) of unity / trainer in the speciality GMP and SMO (help in ravine, canyon and high mountain), he has managed Gite Tonic since the beginning of 2008. In 2012, he acquires The Fishing Lakes of Saint-Auban in association with Caroline Genet and becomes a director(manager) associated with Terre des Lacs.


François, directeu