The Activities



  •  for all the activities,

. supervision by a State-certified professional ( DDJS);
. assurance in civil liability of the professional which frames you;
. equipment of first aids, means of alert (radio and/or telephone).

  • for the CO, the compass and the beacons.
  • for the mountain bike, the bike and the helmet.
  •  for the activities with rope, the collective equipment (rope, carbines, etc.), the individual equipment (belt, helmet, climbing shoes).
  •  for the activities of running waters a wetsuit néoprène, a belt, a helmet, a boat (rafting).
  • for the horseback riding, a helmet.
  •  for the snowshoe hiking, snowshoes and sticks.

OUR PRICE RATES DO NOT INCLUDE: traveling costs; expenses of accommodation and catering; rent expenses of specific equipment (eg: ski boots, skis, ice axes, ARVA, shovel and probe); expenses of ski lifts.